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#36856 - Also be sure to read my other storys all comments arw welcome ok here goes hi my name is fred i live in k-town also known as kingston upon thames i am fourteen years old and i am about fiive foot and ten centimeters tall i have brouwn hair and Light skin ich haser ein swester (yeah im also half german) she is thirteen years old and slightly shorter than me she has thr same skin type and also the same colour hair and now the story begins i woke up one morning and as i opemed my eyes i couldnt feel my left arm so i used my right hand to pick up my left arm and then i noticed that i must of fell asleep on it so while my arm was dead i decided to have fun with the situation so i monoveded my dead arm to my balls and began playing with them it felt like some one else was doing it but it was methen all of a sudden my left arm became suddenly cold amd three seconds i had full controll of my arms i got up off my bed looked around to get a sense of my surroundings and i walk

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Yasutomo arakita
Use redstone dust to make it last longer glowstone dust is for potions that can be upgrade to a level 2 but last shorter like strength jump boost speed etc fire res only has one level so i say use redstone dust if you at a higher minecraft version you also might need a blaze rod for fuel to make potions
Ppl that think hard difficulty is ez pun indented
Gruier serenity
Super hit
Yayoi takatsuki
Thank youuuu