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#264135 - Okay, little cunt, answered Miss Carruthers, but come to my room tomorrow after school, we have things to discuss! Miranda left the office, wondering what was to become of her new relationships with the Mr. It was opened! Again she heard strange sounds coming from inside, and a shiver went down her spine, while she opined to herself, What the heck could be going on in there!?! She was glad there was carpet on the office floor, because it made sneaking up to the rear office much easier!!! She now could clearly hear the sound of voices behind the closed door, and in a hoarse whisper she offered, A man's and a woman's, who could it be!?! The door was ajar about one inch, and if she was careful, she should be able to see what was going on inside, so after slowly leaning forward while taking care not to make a sound she carefully peered through the small opening. Wilkins buried his face in the huge mass of tit flesh, and his sucking sounds could be heard clear across the

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Ich kann dich ficken
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Ih amk olsa biride
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What a scrumptious view
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I wanna join too i love big butts