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#387105 - . What took so longshe asked i was just doing stuff slut they drove to his house then went into his house where he told her to get on her knees ok good bitch, now beg to suck my cock please let me suck your cock, please. mmmm please what? please let me suck your cock master he unzipped his pants and pulled down his boxers suck she licked the tip of his cock and made little circles with her mouth then started sucking the tip working down ,she slowly sucked and moved her head down, sucking soft at first but then she started sucking harder MMmmmm yeah baby joshua moaned kristi sucked harder and had his whole cock in her mouth now ,even though it was a bit difficult she started moving her head up and down making slurping sounds as she sucked joshua's cock had a little precum on it and when kristi tasted it she pulled back disgusted whats that? she asked pointing joshua was kinda mad she had stopped so he put his hands through her hair and pulled her

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Tohka yatogami
Jillian you look amazing my fellow californian
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Such a beautiful girl