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#383982 - the preview was like a porn trailer, there were clips filmed at different 'exclusive parties', it was incredible! A montage of increasingly sexy scenes appeared: Chloe sucking a massive black cock, Chloe in a latex catsuit, Chloe being dp'd, Chloe writhing on a guy in a tuxedo while he shoved his hand down her pants, Chloe oiled up with two girls surrounded by cheering men, Chloe on her knees receiving a massive cum shower from a ring of 5 guys, and then I couldn't believe my eyes, it was a matter of seconds long but there, near the end of the preview was the dirtiest sight I have ever seen: Chloe on her hands and knees, her face an absolute picture of total sexual abandon while on top of her, pounding her mercilessly from behind was a huge rottweiler. 'but we are not done with you yet little fuck toy, there is a special guest just for you,' with these words some of the guys stepped forward and held me down by my hands and feet, I smiled and purred '

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