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#333070 - Sandy laughed and I sort of followed suit, the person jumped and said “Who’s there?” “Just us What you doing?” “Well I was trying to get something out I saw I wanted, uh what’s it do ya?” “Nothing just looks like you aren’t very good at getting in” “Well I don’t feel to good and needed to uh” We walked up a little closer and then could make her out in the dim light “Hey I know you or rather I’ve seen you around you’re that dirty girl who no one seems to knows, Hi I’m Sandy and you are?” “Oh name’s Nancy and you’re?” ”Oh I’m Joanne, you live around here?” ”Uh not really” Then Sandy said,” Bet you’re a runaway aren’t cha” Well after talking for a while we found out she was, her stepfather had raped her, well her ass and had made her suck him off a few times when her mom has out working, shopping, whatever, then one night he was drunk again and mom was working when he tried to fuck her in her pussy, she hit him over the head grabbed some stuff and got the hell out of town.

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Meguru hachimiya
You can all make fun of his small dick but at the end of the day he stuck it in pussy and you didn t
Shirou ashiya
Like if it is hot