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#168192 - At this point in time i never ever thought of guys , let alone dogs but it turned me on greatly , so much so i stopped and started watching. A bit of warning this story as a whole will contain gay/incest/beastiality/scat elements because i am unfamiliar with the tags system i will tag each episode with just what it focuses on but overall you can expect the ones mentioned above , i understand some ppl might find some of these discusting and that is perfectly fine that is within your right , but agt the same time i have the right to enjoy them, if you click on this keep that in mind you have been warned:) Since i live in a country where up until 2001 being simply gay could land you in jail, some names might be changed but other then that this is my journey thank you for being here with me. makes you all warm and fuzzy inside doesent it? Since we lived in a small village i had to commute each day with a bus to get to school , my brother told me i could move into with him .

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