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#191441 - Without having to be told I lay on the bed on my front,my neighbour gave me a long relaxing massage,then again without being told to ,I turned over. I was soon excited again,my mother told me I was doing very well,she kept encouraging me to push the vibrator deeper and deeper,until I was pushing almost all of the vibrator into my cunt,my mother encouraging me all the time. I felt his hand touching the bed near my cunt,then he showed me his fingers,they were covered in a thick whitish creamy fluid,he told me it would all have to come out,I asked him how,he said the same way as before,he would have to use the vibrator on me,only this time he was sure the cum was deeper inside my cunt,and it would take a lot of ejecting,he asked me if I was prepared to keep ejecting cum for as long as it took,even if it took hours,I said I was.

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