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#234459 -   James growled as he looked down stroking his firing cock at the young Aussie, he painted thick lines of cum along each side of her nose as another much longer rope shot out landing between her eyes and stretched out along her tongue to the bottom of her chin, he continued to jerk his shaft unleashing two weeks of built up seed all over Megan’s gorgeous face, when he was happy her face got enough of his sticky admiration he moved back and rained down his seventh and eighth rope of cum across each of her beautiful, round tits, his cum kept flowing out of his engorged cock head spattering Megan’s chest and stomach with wax like drops of creamy jizz, his hand kept squeezing making sure he got out every last drop of seed, shaking it out as he did after each time he relieved his bladder,” fuck baby girl, look at you all prettied up with a black mans cum” James mouthed out huffing and puffing as he took in the sight of her covered in his black seed, he didn’t think she could get any more l

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