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#395059 - I followed soon after, with cum to lube my ass the dogs cock went right in, his knot growing as he trust into me hard and fast, my anal orgasm taking control as I lost myself in sexual bliss. After having quite a few orgams on my toy, I told Joy to try it, the guys fucking her finnished by filling her pussy and ass with cum as we lifted her up, most went in first time too, her ass relaxed after the fucking she had taken tonight, so like me, more amyl and a few test drops and it went in, she yelped a bit but took it fully as we lifted her up and down to more anal orgasm on it. By the early morning we had just about emptied every ball in the house, even the dogs now lay sleeping, as a few guys took turns to finnish us off, Joy had shown them our fun with the strap on, with us both fucking the other fully using all our toys.

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Kokoro natsume
How hot is that
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She needs a tongue kiss after that