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#76694 - Faye, even though she was in her forties, had kept herself in good shape, with dark brown hair, fat tits, plump butt, and nice, if not slender legs, along with a pretty face which made for a very attractive woman indeed! Howard, being a farmer, had one of those dumb farmer tans that looked ridiculous when he was shirtless, he was however heavily muscled with just a slight paunch hanging over a nice sized dick. Any more surprises, question Vic? No, she's our only daughter, please leave her alone, cried out Faye, as she held her daughter tight! Looking the three of them over, Vic smiled, because he had come up with a plan! Got a camera, Vic asked? A 35mm and a video camera, why, asked Howard Wells? Get me the video camera, he told Faye, right now, and no tricks! Faye practically ran into the family room, returning with the camera and battery pack. She let out a loud moan as the huge pecker forced it's way into her tight cunt, and Howard, now driven by pure lust, s

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Yuki takeya
Wonderful passionate sex great finish loved that
Most admirable moment of sharing intimacy up close