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#24149 - i said baby i will wash up harvey said to me no babe i will do it i said baby your on holiday too it only fair you made the meal harvey smiled and said you can dry the plates up i smiled and we did the dishes after than harvey said do you want desert? i turned around and said no thanks babe so we sat down and started kissing each other i moved forward and harvey was laying on his back when we got a knock on the door . why who was yours harvey said you i said harvey be serious harvey said i am being serious i kissed harvey for being so sweet and said baby i love you with all my heart dont break it because i dont give my heart away very easy harvey looked serious and said baby i gave you my heart along time ago dont worry i wont break your heart i love you so much me and harvey kissed once again and it ws 11 at night italian time so we decided to go to bed and go site seeing the next day to be continued (cba to check it so bitch all you like).

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Ryuuko matoi
So hot love your passion guys tattoo is something nice to change
Karin sasamori
Lowe it