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#49623 - There is a big bed in the middle of the room and a chest which I am sure as sex toys in it. I tell her to cum as I bite her breast and pull her clamp off her tit she cums hard and she soaks the bed her pussy is contracting so hard that I have to stop I tell her that I am not done with her as I continue to thrust in to her pussy I begin to fuck her hard and fast I start slapping her breast and her nipple as she is moaning and groaning I reach down and start rubbing her clit and when I notice that it’s not doing anything for her I begin to pinch it and she groans so I do it again on the down stroke and I feel that she is about to cum again so I reach up and take the other clamp off and thrust hard into her as she cums hard and my balls draw up and I cum with her that was the best fuck I have ever had. I thank the sub that brought them and I tell them to take a seat the man goes to his knees so now I know who the sub is.

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