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#245363 - And before our eyes we could see bottom and right in the midst of that a tiny nearly wrinkled up little hole showed all swollen and red as hell along with the walls it was attached to and they were the same as I could see that tiny wrinkled tight little hole quivering, with tiny spasms making It seem to push outwards and the little hole now opening from it’s Once tightly wrinkled shut part was acting like a pair of lips puckering up for a kiss and swelling outwards and trying to open Out and then right back again. As Louie just looked over at me with a puzzled look on his face and Said; “Why can’t you control this hot little Mexican bitch”? And then he looked back at her and said; “Why can’t you just bring your damn men over and fuck them in front of your damn husband bitch”? Hell you two have been fucking others with each other so what to hell is the damn problem with this fucking around behind ones back? He then followed with

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Yo no cap where the fuck does it go
Li xiangfei
Anybody else hear the humming in the back
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Very nice