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#247757 - It was short only going down to my thigh I was also wearing black and white socks that went up to my knee the top of my dress had a nice small v that showed off my newly formed b – cup breasts, the doorbell rang and I heard sally walk in saying hi to my dad as she made her way to my room, sally was a cheerleader barging into my room spinning to show off her costume she was wearing a sports bra and a skirt even though she didn’t quite have her boobs yet, she grabbed my hand and bag and hurried me out the door saying that if we don’t hurry we wont get any of the good candy. Me and sally were finally going to go trick or treating on our own without our parents, I was really exited because sally said that she had a plan to get extra candy now that there were no parents around, I was going to be a witch this Halloween I was putting on my witch dress in the bedroom.

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