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#132414 - Alf wanted in, so Pauline moved back and let him fuck Lee, both guys going well as Pauline and I played next to them, I slid under him and sucked his cock, pre cum filled my mouth, as he had more anal orgasms, Alf was begin to make noises, then he unloaded his seed deep in Lee''s arse, Pauline and I took turns licking him dry, then I fucked Lee's arse, the fresh cum made my cock slide easy, as Lee settled in for more anal fun. Lee jerked, his cock swelled up and his seed started on its way up into Pauline's bowels, my cock still locked inside got the heat from his juices, as Lee gave a butt full of human cum. By now the guys knew, Pauline and Lee knelt down, as Alf and I peed over them both, then we swapped around and let them piss on us, a nice warm shower after that cleaned us all up.

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Damn this little girl is nasty love it