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#208131 - She thought “fuck it” and joined in. I saw her mothers 38d tits and slammed mouth on her fully erected nipples they felt ½ an inch long and I swear you could hang a wet rain coat on them after about of sucking her nipples and her daughter licking her out, Vickie whispered in my ear and slurred “I give you permission to fuck my daughter whilst she is sucking my clit” thinking I was gonnna fuck her away with or without her permission, but to fuck a woman whilst she’s sucking another woman’s clit is any red blooded man’s fantasy, but with a mother and daughter take’s it a all new level and didn’t need any prompting. After we had calmed down Vickie said “That was the best fucking orgasm I have ever had” looked at me in the eye, smiled “you deserve a gift from me.

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That is the best
Mirai kaname
Love it such a great angle too
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