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#287196 - Continued from (pt-I) When l was ready to feed my sister my hot creamy load l pulled her head onto my cock and shot the lot forcefully into her mouth and throat, Tina gave a little cough, but gulped the lot down then took the time to lick the last few drops from the tip. I lay holding my shaft upright for her to impale herself, Tina slid down my pole and rode me like a wild woman, l yelled ‘lm about to cum’ my sister ignored me and carried on lifting herself up and down my shaft, l repeated ‘lm going to cum’ Tina flung her head back and yelled ‘fucking do it’, so l did, l began pumping the contents of my balls into my sister’s womb with each sticky load she forced herself downwards to increase the load l shot deep inside her, Tina didn’t stop lifting herself up and down my shaft till l had completely filled her womb. I helped her up and she went to bed promising to wake me if Rick goes to work early which he didn’t so that fucked my morning fuck with my sister, but l did get an invi

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Jun satou
Id love to tongue fuck her lil asshole