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#378242 - Knowing he didn't have much time Mark used what was left of the other engine to slow his decent he'd fallen two miles now a mere 3 miles above the planet, still too far to engage the speeder's regular engines they were no good above a mile. The first alarm went off then the grey beam struck his shield, sparks flew a moment then it was heading directly back at the man! Screaming the man dived to the floor the beam barely missing him, striking the man behind him, a blood curdling scream then a gurgle erupted from his lips as his blood boiled inside, then what was left fell to the floor a smoldering mass of cooked flesh (no blood), Nissie smiled though she'd dealt with them over the years she still didn't really like any of the unsavory group of men in the room. Mark! We have to get him back! she cried the panic apparent in her voice.

Read Suck Cock Akiko-san to Issho 10 - Kanon Baile Akiko-san to Issho 10

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Koyuki himekawa
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Very good
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Wow this is one of the hottest hentais i have ever seen thank you for sharing
For twisted are were and will be the paths of the miracle