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#400027 - I gripped her taught bottom and sucked in – drinking her own juices ‘mmmm oh yes keep sucking me baby’ then I noticed her start to quiver ‘oh yes I’m coming oh got I’m coming…’ After a while she gently climbed down and said ‘lets go to bed and make love all night’ I just smiled at her – I was in such a dream, I never wanted it to stop. Our breasts were pushing desperately into each other – our hungry hard nipples pushing, then I could hold back no longer and held her tight to me and jerked into her pissing cum into her wet cunt as she climaxed too. Then her hand reached down and pulled at the top of my elasticated joggers and reached in.

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Junko konno
Can i join you guys
Mashiro kazahana
I love your blowjob
I love her
You are delicious sadie