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#328219 - School went by slow and Mrs. Slowly I walk up the stairs into my room laying in my bed just staring at the ceiling when my phone rang snapping me into reality it was already 6:18pm I looked at the caller ID it was minna I awnserd saying hi in a somewhat dazed voice hey she said sounding alittle sad my parents got in a fight and I walked out of the house do u mind if I stay at youre place for tonight just till things cool down? sure I'll see you when you get hear then I said ok bye click then I laid back down thinking minna was two years ahead she was 15 with a modle worthy body and perky C cup boobs and she lived bout two blocks down my fantasy was interrupted by a loud ring of the door bell I quickly sprung up jumping all 12 stairs to the bottom with a load thud unlocking the door and flinging open the door and there she was booty shorts and a old Micky mouse T shirt that fell over one of her shoulders revealing a pink bra strap. Even though she was asleep I pushed

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Mercelida ygvar
I want those panties
Megu kagano
That is so sexy i wanna clean up your cum with my tongue
Would my 7 inches help
Beryl jasper
You guys are so hot together
I loved it but i was a bit disappointed cuz i tried to rush cumming to your countdown and i did cum cuz i thought you were too did you or did i just not notice