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#394650 - I asked her if she needed money for which she replied she needed pleasure. He stayed like that without moving and started kissing me. She was in her room and I was in the hall and then suddenly in the evening she started shouting which made me rush in the room and then I came to know that she had seen a lizard and was very much feared of it,that's when she asked me if I can accompany her in the room,the lizard was pretty much helpful for me I guess as the lizard fell on virusha's boobs and that's when she started shouting with double pace with all struggle I made her stop shouting and had removed lizard from body and while removing I wantedly pushed my hand over her boobs that's when she become silent and I stayed in the bedroom and was listening to the music finally the silence between us broke down with a WhatsApp message from her saying that she wanted to something that happened yesterday night and then I looked at her and asked her what happened,she then pinged me again saying I

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