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#53291 - He agreed, So I started to tell him some of the things I do to you in bed so maybe we could try to fool you and by the way this is not the first time he fucked you, Ha ha when the kids were away for the holiday I had him come over and he fucked you but you never let on and I start laughing for two reasons first she still has the blind fold on and second she did not realize he fucked her before. Toni could not believe what had set up to happen she started asking me all kinds of questions, who was he? Where did I find him? How do I know him? How long have I been cooking this up? So I started to tell her about leaving my phone at the gas station and that he found it and when we met talked he told me how he went through my pictures and contacts to get in touch with me to return it and he asked who was the sexy woman I had so many pictures of and when I told him it was my wife he said I was a lucky man, Toni is not aware I have nude pictures of her on my phone so I left that part out.

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Grace tyler
I love chicks with dyed hair
Type 97
She is beautiful
Ayuko uehara
Holy fuck
Horikawa kunihiro
This girl is gorgeous i can t get enough of her