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#49574 - Wife:whaaaat happened please continue ahhhh She was getting more excited so I knew that she was imaginating all the scene Me: he order a girl a blond one . Me: stop show some respect and suck it first Wife:did you went to a super night club before & get girls Me: yes twice before we met but never had girl for sex only for a short discussion (big lie i went many time but few had some girls to get them out) Wife (now fucking the dildo wich she usually get disgust it from): What if the girl didn't want to go out with the customer Me:once we were theire a man about 50 years weighted more than 130kg , he was sitting on the table next to us but I could smell his odour from distance .

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Makoto kino
Fuck him like you hate him
Renzo shima
Been a while since i have seen a good production bdsm