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#315405 - Diana had been quite taken by my tattoos and becoming a bit more adventuresome was now looking more closely at my well appointed apartment, the furniture and the polished hardwood floors, in her new surroundings when she discovered the documents framed quite nicely, and hanging most prominent on one wall. Was it ever good, and another incredible orgasmic release! After squirming around and changing positions several times I ended up setting on the edge of bed with my legs over the side, with Diana down on her knees next to the bed, and to my surprise she really went after my pussy more aggressively than ever? It is a most wonderful thing to see the transition, this formerly normal married woman, one that professed to be as straight as an arrow with no bisexual tendencies what so ever? Turned into an ardent lust crazed aggressive sex slut for another woman's pussy! Now with a knowing smile, I allowed her to go after me giving no resistance at all on my part.

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