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#140307 - I put the rabbit and gel back then lay in bed naked pretty pleased with myself and hoping my brother would make it home before my parents but he didn’t so l woke in the morning not with a cream filled pussy or crusty dried spunk on my belly. Needless to say, Robert and l didn’t speak much on the journey home, l was expecting my aunt to have phoned my parents but nothing was said when l got home in fact, they were surprised that aunt Martha hadn’t phoned to say l was on my way home, l never got asked to stay again, they are still together and she won’t speak to me should we bump into each other. Dave must have been a bit drunk or high, first l got a real knee trembling tongue fuck and he gave me 2 big lov-bites on my little tits but best of all was he filled me full of his sticky liquid creamy spunk, l could have fainted when he kept his cock wedge right inside me after emptying his balls, l loved the fucks l was getting from my brother and would do anything he wanted as long as l got

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