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#136591 - What I was doing was truly new to as I stood outside leaning against the wall for almost 20 mins and finally the guy from behind the counter came out now in his street wear. Thanks, Michael winked at me then smiled and we both fell silently as we looked at each other, I leaned in slowly and carefully but surprisingly I saw Michael lean forward and our lips pressed softly against each other's hesistantly, we both pulled back and looked at each other before leaning in again and kissing each other abit less hesitant and soon the kiss turned into a passionate one, I could've smelt the beer we were both drinking and I felt Michael pull back and I did the same and after that not knowing what to do we just sat looking at each other in silence. I know I was no longer in love with her and I also knew that if I wanted some sanity and happiness I had to let her go, but that was the difficult part and just then Marina shifted against me and mumbled Dilan.

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