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#335188 - I had always had an obsession with my feet, I loved them being touched, but now it felt better than ever before, Lee’s hands worked wonders, “Oh yeah… stoke them, tickle them, play with my toes…” I begged. The phone rang and Mrs K put it to her ear, putting her head into such a position that she could use her hands while the phone was trapped between her head and shoulder so she could talk at the same time, I knew it was Mr K… It’s always Mr K. Smiles used to be a rare contortion of the face for Mr K, now they seemed like a regular occurrence as far as I was concerned, “Of course, I have a free period today” he told me, I’d half expected a “NO”, or even for him to put up some kind of fight, I hadn’t expected this, but it could be done, I thought back to my class periods “I have a free study period after lunch,”, Mr K thought about it, “Perfect he said, be by my car, come alone, make sure you aren’t seen or followed” With that he picked up his briefcase and walked away.

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