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#226226 - Thomas looks at his Sister and says I'm so happy your safe, I hated what they were doing to you and the other Women in the village, I'm so happy that you were able to escape . He says I asked the village leaders if your Mother could live with my Son and I in my house, I did this so that the other Men in the village couldn't gang rape your Mother anymore and I was so happy when the village leaders said I could keep her . Even now Karen is on her back with her legs wide open, her Son Steve is on his knees between his Mothers legs, he's holding her ankles in his hands, Helen is sitting on her Mothers face, she's rubbing her Mothers clit with one hand and rubbing her Brothers chest with the other, Karen is spreading her Daughters ass cheeks with both hands, Karen's tongue is deep in her Daughter pussy, Steve is fucking his Mothers hairy pussy as hard and as fast as he can, every time he pulls his cock out of her pussy his Sister lowers her head and sucks on his cock before Steve sticks

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