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#158641 - While both girls were free I got them to put on a good lesso show, using the toys and fisting one another, this gave the guys time to rest and the girls too, it was then Steve came over to me, he was on the phone, and asked how we though the girls would go with more guys, I said ‘Why’, with a smile he said, a load of guys heard about the fun at a club and want to join in. Well last night went well, all the guy more than happy with the show the girls put on for them, we got a good days sleep seeing as it was around 5 am when we got to bed, so some nice sun shine on our bodies and a bit of prep work, soon had us all ready for more fun tonight. It was while the girls were sliding up and down one another’s bodies sharing the cum, that I saw the new guys arrive, Steve had met them and told them the rules, and now another 15 or so new cocks found the girls bodies and began to keep them busy.

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