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#2887 - I knocked at the door and patiently waited for an answer, Mr Manning opened the door, looked at me and stood aside for me to enter but he seemed to lean forward so I brushed against him and there was that tingly feeling inside me again. His hands suddenly on my tits, he gently squeezed my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, tugging slightly, I looked down to avoid eye contact but instead all I could see was the bulge of his penis straining against the cloth of his trousers, I gasped aloud at how big it looked. I needed him to stop now and tried to tell him, but he just ignored me, kept flicking at it, I was begging by now, trying to close my legs on his head to make him pull away but he just held my thighs apart with his hands, I couldn’t close them, I couldn’t stop him and I was scared, I couldn’t take it but he was making me.

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Takayasu toshio
Love his two tone cock
My sister needs like this cock
Amazing great pace and hot ending