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#73878 - The three of them giggled and all John and I could do was drop back onto our heals panting heavily, as he got his breath back John asked “Christ Kelly how did you learn to do that”? “I saw mommy doing it to daddy when she said it was the wrong time of the month”. I just lay back and let her continue, after a few minutes of her bobbing her head up and down my cock she came back up the bed and sat over my face and said, “Now daddy suck’s mommy’s pussy” I hoped I could do as good a job on Kelly as she had on me, I pushed my tongue out and licked up and down her slit, then as she opened up a little I was able to get my tongue into her little body, for ten minutes I sucked and lapped at her slit and she became soaking wet, I thought she was maybe too young to have an orgasm, but her pussy could make enough juices to get her wet. It was in these we played a lot of games.

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