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Dicks PRINCESS HEART - Toheart2 Short Hair

[HATENA-BOX (おだけんいち)] PRINCESS HEART (トゥハート2)


Parodies: Toheart2 (123)
Languages: Japanese
Categories: Doujinshi
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#134084 - She then says I had been gangraped so many times by so many men but I never got pregnant so I knew that I would be the next one to be eaten and that's when I started planning my escape . Karen then explains that when a female is to old to have babies or becomes ill she is killed and a large spike is shoved through her vagina until is sticks out of her mouth, then the body is placed over a large fire where it's roasted and when the body is properly cooked it's eaten by all the men in the village. With tears in her eyes Helen says Those monsters killed my father and raped my mother, I hate them, I hate them all Karen hugs her daughter and says I was gangraped everynight for months by all the men of the village including your uncle and your cousin Steve says You were raped by your brother and nephew? why? Karen explains that one of the many new laws that Neo Evolution leaders passed is that refusal to rape a female is punishable by death so your uncle

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Atsushi murasakibara
Such a super hot blonde
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