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#158964 - “OH! FUCK mmmmm”! I moaned “OH GOD”! Your the best he said He gave it to me harder, and harder you think we were married by the way we talked, and fuck each other but nope it was the first time my back started to hurt from the hardwood floors, but I didn’t care I was getting the fuck of a lifetime his pre cum filled my pussy more and more he was close to coming “Oh baby I’m close!” he screamed I didn’t want him to stop I wanted him to fuck me to another orgasm I was close as well “CUM FOR PIZZA DELIVERY GIRL!” I exclaimed He was so deep inside me every inch of that 8 or 9 inch cock got me closer to the edge my toes started to curl again I wanted to cum so bad “OH! OH! YESS I”M CLOSE TOO BABY!” I yelled “OH! SHIT OHHH”! he was cumming He moaned in pleasure letting loose in my pussy his warm cum filled me it was so hot That was it that cum got my pussy excited I was cumming again “I’M CUMMING OH! PIZZA DELIVERY GIRL IS COMING AGAIN BABY OHHHH!” I screamed My body

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